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  chabisik 99f6978d02 Updating Network's train function 1 year ago
  chabisik d499f8a29a Updating train function in Network class 1 year ago
  chabisik 8fd19c2d8f Updating Network functions 1 year ago
  chabisik 756056f55c Changing forward, set_errors and backward function to private in Network class 1 year ago
  chabisik 7af273847e Removing useless files 1 year ago
  chabisik 9de43f8a77 Changing files names 1 year ago
  chabisik 87cd5cfe46 Eliminating redundant headers 1 year ago
  chabisik cf48d29892 Updating predict function to output wether raw output layer maximum number or class 1 year ago
  chabisik 77be210265 Updating ANN errors backpropagate function 1 year ago
  chabisik f7193b3e33 Updating neuron and network classes functions 1 year ago
  chabisik 639694d05c Adding ANN print function 1 year ago
  chabisik 26ae13b72e Updating functions 1 year ago
  chabisik 5534661b91 Adding Neuron, Network and Tools classes 1 year ago
  Abdel-Kader Chabi-Sika-Boni e1413298de Adding initial files 1 year ago
  Abdel Kader Chabi Sika Boni d83a71b8d3 Initial commit 1 year ago