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  Auriane Lartigue 03d1d8f729 Dernieres modifications 3 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue 0484234692 JUnits avec Oracle 3 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue b428e17ce8 Tests simples AStar 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue 4ed0e12c25 Tests de correction et debut LabelStar 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue d258b473c7 implémentation Dijkstra 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue d477427f51 Ajout Dijkstra et Label 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue fe3a4d51e9 Ajout methode remove 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue 0fcee12cd3 Methode fastestpath 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue 5457c37ba7 Methode shortestpath 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue dd4052e4ff Methode isValid 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue 4b708049d2 Methode length , travelTime, minimumTravelTime 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue 4bcb001c79 ajout Map Insa 4 years ago
  Auriane Lartigue f3dffc27cf test modification algo 4 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle 2914df4a37 [maven] Cleanup pom.xml files. 4 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle 5bb454a3b2 Switch to Maven project. 4 years ago
  Le Botlan fd503d148e Pretty print in BInaryHeap 4 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle 554b38be45 Fix order of values in assertions. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle dc715744d0 Improve Javadoc of the graph package. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle 423e36fc65 Fix precision issue with real and as the crow flies length. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle d8470055f1 Add getNodes() and getSuccessors() methods and remove iterable from Graph and Node. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle 71a0085d59 Small fix for drawings. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle 245744c4a0 Add toString() for Graph. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle de6fa0698b Update 'README.md' 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 455090e10a Fix issue with SolutionPanel and Java 9. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle aea8f054d5 Add info for .data() in priority queue test. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle cf672f8cd4 Update tests for PriorityQueue. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 4e541e67cf Fix issue with graph progress bar. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 51e166600d Remove useless outputs. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 8ff1fb8c17 Add new ArcInspector and correct naming in GUI. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle a269d66470 Fix PriorityQueue javadoc. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 9b01a61da2 Fix tests for PriorityQueue implementations. 6 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle d05bc92689 Update tests for PriorityQueue. 6 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle c5518e7240 Fix BinaryHeap/Search trees and associated tests. 6 years ago
  Holt59 aab8743d3c New updates. 6 years ago
  Holt59 5b733e25c7 Return unmodifiable iterators from Node and Graph. Make Node and Graph final. 6 years ago
  Holt59 bdb378c079 Remove access to underlying containers inside Graph and Node. 6 years ago
  Holt59 797a4e1c8c Fix issue with small maps not being draw properly. 6 years ago
  Holt59 80b4b1c7fc Fix drawing for very small graph and add new projection for fake maps. 6 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle e2d1d47beb Fix Path.size() and add test for Path.size(). 6 years ago
  Holt59 46436f81f3 Update paths and tests. 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle b4e666d08d Update 'README.md' 6 years ago
  Mikael Capelle b8d73963a6 Clean tests. 6 years ago
  Holt59 7e079df22f Fix issue with new path not being colored correctly in MapView drawing. 6 years ago
  Holt59 ec9cd9c601 Fix issue with ProgressBar for loading graphs. 6 years ago
  Holt59 25e35b9bc4 Fix icons for Linux. 6 years ago
  Holt59 f2f65b85d4 Fix issue with no drawing not updated due to its size. 6 years ago
  Holt59 d5fcf036b9 Fix issue with backward arc having incorrect segments. 6 years ago
  Holt59 ccd6d7d7af Merge master. 6 years ago
  Holt59 e78ea25ab3 Merge master. 6 years ago
  Holt59 c7d4dc8077 Merge master. 6 years ago