13 Commits (fce5b89657031b0e003d942b88f52fee089df442)

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  keplyx fce5b89657 Refactored to use a more modular approach 2 years ago
  keplyx 64a584927b First implementation of database 2 years ago
  keplyx 3c089f5d16 Sanitize fields before saving 2 years ago
  keplyx 4e1ec778c1 Added ability to edit article categories, added compatibility conversion between stock json versions 3 years ago
  keplyx 4be6a2b86a Updated scanner script url to use prod server 3 years ago
  keplyx 0a30eb6d68 Added scanner python script 3 years ago
  keplyx f1355b4969 Added ability to make post request to scan articles 3 years ago
  keplyx 1e928ef85e Get saved stock on page load + password protect 3 years ago
  keplyx c4e6bd641b write stock in data folder using post requests 3 years ago
  keplyx 68029d4eb4 Added ability to choose type and set image link 3 years ago
  keplyx 3677b8165c Added basic item management 3 years ago
  keplyx 57b8c341bc Added basic website template 3 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 60fe812c9e Initial commit 3 years ago