Application Android et IOS pour l'amicale des élèves
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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <coverage generated="1584889501493" clover="3.2.0">
  3. <project timestamp="1584889501493" name="All files">
  4. <metrics statements="65" coveredstatements="65" conditionals="39" coveredconditionals="36" methods="11" coveredmethods="11" elements="115" coveredelements="112" complexity="0" loc="65" ncloc="65" packages="1" files="1" classes="1"/>
  5. <file name="Planning.js" path="/home/keplyx/expo-projects/application-amicale/utils/Planning.js">
  6. <metrics statements="65" coveredstatements="65" conditionals="39" coveredconditionals="36" methods="11" coveredmethods="11"/>
  7. <line num="18" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  8. <line num="27" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  9. <line num="38" count="19" type="stmt"/>
  10. <line num="39" count="19" type="stmt"/>
  11. <line num="40" count="19" type="cond" truecount="4" falsecount="0"/>
  12. <line num="41" count="17" type="stmt"/>
  13. <line num="43" count="2" type="stmt"/>
  14. <line num="54" count="196" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
  15. <line num="55" count="192" type="stmt"/>
  16. <line num="57" count="4" type="stmt"/>
  17. <line num="68" count="271" type="cond" truecount="3" falsecount="0"/>
  18. <line num="81" count="62" type="stmt"/>
  19. <line num="82" count="62" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
  20. <line num="83" count="44" type="stmt"/>
  21. <line num="84" count="44" type="stmt"/>
  22. <line num="85" count="44" type="stmt"/>
  23. <line num="86" count="44" type="stmt"/>
  24. <line num="91" count="44" type="stmt"/>
  25. <line num="98" count="18" type="stmt"/>
  26. <line num="100" count="62" type="stmt"/>
  27. <line num="111" count="189" type="stmt"/>
  28. <line num="112" count="189" type="stmt"/>
  29. <line num="113" count="189" type="stmt"/>
  30. <line num="114" count="189" type="stmt"/>
  31. <line num="115" count="189" type="stmt"/>
  32. <line num="116" count="189" type="stmt"/>
  33. <line num="133" count="7" type="stmt"/>
  34. <line num="134" count="7" type="stmt"/>
  35. <line num="135" count="7" type="stmt"/>
  36. <line num="137" count="7" type="cond" truecount="5" falsecount="0"/>
  37. <line num="138" count="2" type="stmt"/>
  38. <line num="140" count="2" type="cond" truecount="5" falsecount="0"/>
  39. <line num="143" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  40. <line num="145" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  41. <line num="147" count="5" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
  42. <line num="148" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  43. <line num="152" count="7" type="stmt"/>
  44. <line num="165" count="12" type="cond" truecount="4" falsecount="0"/>
  45. <line num="166" count="10" type="stmt"/>
  46. <line num="171" count="2" type="stmt"/>
  47. <line num="183" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  48. <line num="184" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  49. <line num="185" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  50. <line num="186" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  51. <line num="187" count="185" type="stmt"/>
  52. <line num="189" count="185" type="cond" truecount="1" falsecount="1"/>
  53. <line num="190" count="185" type="stmt"/>
  54. <line num="192" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  55. <line num="207" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  56. <line num="208" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  57. <line num="209" count="5" type="stmt"/>
  58. <line num="210" count="5" type="cond" truecount="1" falsecount="1"/>
  59. <line num="211" count="5" type="stmt"/>
  60. <line num="212" count="5" type="cond" truecount="1" falsecount="1"/>
  61. <line num="213" count="5" type="stmt"/>
  62. <line num="217" count="1" type="stmt"/>
  63. <line num="229" count="9" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
  64. <line num="230" count="4" type="stmt"/>
  65. <line num="232" count="5" type="stmt"/>
  66. <line num="233" count="6" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
  67. <line num="234" count="2" type="stmt"/>
  68. <line num="235" count="2" type="stmt"/>
  69. <line num="236" count="4" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
  70. <line num="237" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  71. <line num="238" count="3" type="stmt"/>
  72. </file>
  73. </project>
  74. </coverage>