Application Android et IOS pour l'amicale des élèves
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  1. {
  2. "screens": {
  3. "services": {
  4. "title": "Services",
  5. "more": "Click to see more",
  6. "categories": {
  7. "amicale": "The Amicale",
  8. "students": "Student services",
  9. "insa": "INSA services",
  10. "special": "Proxiwash"
  11. },
  12. "descriptions": {
  13. "clubs": "See info about your favorite club and discover new ones",
  14. "profile": "See your personal information",
  15. "amicaleWebsite": "See more information on the website",
  16. "vote": "Vote for the upcoming elections",
  17. "proximo": "Check the store's stock",
  18. "wiketud": "Read useful info about classes and campus life",
  19. "elusEtudiants": "The students in contact with the administration",
  20. "tutorInsa": "Give and take part in tutorials by students",
  21. "self": "Check the RU menu",
  22. "availableRooms": "See how many rooms are free",
  23. "bib": "Book a Bib'Box for project work",
  24. "mails": "Check your INSA mails",
  25. "ent": "See your grades",
  26. "insaAccount": "See your information and change your password",
  27. "equipment": "Book a BBQ or other equipment",
  28. "washers": "Number of available washers",
  29. "dryers": "Number of available dryers"
  30. },
  31. "mascotDialog": {
  32. "title": "A bit lost?",
  33. "message": "Here is a mix of handy services! Between INSA and students services, I am sure you will find something for you.\n\nAnd if you have an Amicale account, you will have even more choices!",
  34. "button": "Thx buddy"
  35. }
  36. },
  37. "proxiwash": {
  38. "title": "Proxiwash",
  39. "dryer": "Dryer",
  40. "dryers": "Dryers",
  41. "washer": "Washer",
  42. "washers": "Washers",
  43. "min": "min",
  44. "description": "This is the washing service operated by Promologis for INSA's residences (We don't mind if you do not live on the campus and you do your laundry here). The room is right next to the R2, with 3 dryers and 9 washers, is open 7d/7 24h/24 ! Here you can check their availability ! You can bring your own detergent, use the one given on site or buy it at the Proximo (cheaper than the one given by the machines ). You can pay by credit card or cash.",
  45. "informationTab": "Information",
  46. "paymentTab": "Payment",
  47. "tariffs": "Tariffs",
  48. "washersTariff": "3€ the washer + 0.80€ with detergent.",
  49. "dryersTariff": "0.35€ for 5min of dryer usage.",
  50. "paymentMethods": "Payment Methods",
  51. "paymentMethodsDescription": "Cash up until 10€.\nCredit Card also accepted.",
  52. "washerProcedure": "Put your laundry in the tumble without tamping it and by respecting charge limits.\n\nClose the machine's door.\n\nChoose a program using one of the four favorite program buttons.\n\nPay to the command central, then press the START button on the machine.\n\nWhen the program is finished, the screen indicates 'Programme terminé', press the yellow button to open the lid and retrieve your laundry.",
  53. "washerTips": "Program 'blanc/couleur': 6kg of dry laundry (cotton linen, linen, underwear, sheets, jeans, towels).\n\nProgram 'non repassable': 3,5 kg of dry laundry (synthetic fibre linen, cotton and polyester mixed).\n\nProgram 'fin 30°C': 2,5 kg of dry laundry (delicate linen in synthetic fibres).\n\nProgram 'laine 30°C': 2,5 kg of dry laundry (wool textiles).",
  54. "dryerProcedure": "Put your laundry in the tumble without tamping it and by respecting charge limits.\n\nClose the machine's door.\n\nChoose a program using one of the four favorite program buttons.\n\nPay to the command central, then press the START button on the machine.",
  55. "dryerTips": "The advised dryer length is 35 minutes for 14 kg of laundry. You can choose a shorter length if the dryer is not fully charged.",
  56. "procedure": "Procedure",
  57. "tips": "Tips",
  58. "numAvailable": "available",
  59. "numAvailablePlural": "available",
  60. "modal": {
  61. "enableNotifications": "Notify me",
  62. "disableNotifications": "Stop notifications",
  63. "ok": "OK",
  64. "cancel": "Cancel",
  65. "finished": "This machine is finished. If you started it, you can get back your laundry.",
  66. "ready": "This machine is empty and ready to use.",
  67. "running": "This machine has been started at %{start} and will end at %{end}.\n\nRemaining time: %{remaining} min.\nProgram: %{program}",
  68. "runningNotStarted": "This machine is ready but not started. Please make sure you pressed the start button.",
  69. "broken": "This machine is out of order and cannot be used. Thank you for your comprehension.",
  70. "error": "There has been an error and we are unable to get information from this machine. Sorry for the inconvenience.",
  71. "unknown": "This machine is in an unknown state. Sorry for the inconvenience.",
  72. "notificationErrorTitle": "Error",
  73. "notificationErrorDescription": "Impossible to create notifications. Please make sure you enabled notifications then restart the app."
  74. },
  75. "states": {
  76. "finished": "FINISHED",
  77. "ready": "READY",
  78. "running": "RUNNING",
  79. "runningNotStarted": "NOT STARTED",
  80. "broken": "OUT OF ORDER",
  81. "error": "ERROR",
  82. "unknown": "UNKNOWN"
  83. },
  84. "notifications": {
  85. "machineFinishedTitle": "Laundry Ready",
  86. "machineFinishedBody": "The machine n°{{number}} is finished and your laundry is ready to pickup",
  87. "machineRunningTitle": "Laundry running: {{time}} minutes left",
  88. "machineRunningBody": "The machine n°{{number}} is still running"
  89. },
  90. "mascotDialog": {
  91. "title": "Small tips",
  92. "message": "No need for queues anymore, you will be notified when machines are ready !\n\nIf you have your head in the clouds, you can turn on notifications for your machine by clicking on it.",
  93. "ok": "Got it!"
  94. }
  95. },
  96. "home": {
  97. "title": "Campus",
  98. "feedTitle": "Campus News",
  99. "feed": "Details",
  100. "feedLoading": "Loading News",
  101. "feedError": "Failed to load news",
  102. "dashboard": {
  103. "seeMore": "Click to see more",
  104. "todayEventsTitle": "Today's events",
  105. "todayEventsSubtitleNA": "No events today",
  106. "todayEventsSubtitle": " event coming today",
  107. "todayEventsSubtitlePlural": " events coming today"
  108. },
  109. "mascotDialog": {
  110. "title": "Welcome, you!",
  111. "message": "Login to your Amicale account to get access to more services!\n\nYou will still be able to login later.",
  112. "login": "Login",
  113. "later": "Later"
  114. }
  115. },
  116. "planning": {
  117. "title": "Events",
  118. "eventDetails": "Event details",
  119. "invalidEvent": "Could not find the event. Please make sure the event you are trying to access is valid.",
  120. "mascotDialog": {
  121. "title": "Let's party!",
  122. "message": "And even more! Here you will find every event on the campus.\n\nFrom pancake sales, to the Gala, you will never miss anything!",
  123. "button": "Let's go!"
  124. }
  125. },
  126. "planex": {
  127. "title": "Planex",
  128. "noGroupSelected": "No group selected. Please select your group using the big beautiful red button bellow.",
  129. "favorites": "Favorites",
  130. "mascotDialog": {
  131. "title": "Don't skip class",
  132. "message": "Here is Planex! You can set your class and your crush's to favorites in order to find them back easily!\n\nIf you mainly use Campus for Planex, go to the settings to make the app directly start on it!",
  133. "ok": "Settings",
  134. "cancel": "Later"
  135. }
  136. },
  137. "amicaleAbout": {
  138. "title": "A question ?",
  139. "subtitle": "Ask the Amicale",
  140. "message": "You want to revive a club?\nYou want to start a new project?\nHere are al the contacts you need! Do not hesitate to write a mail or send a message to the Amicale's Facebook page!",
  141. "roles": {
  142. "interSchools": "Inter Schools",
  143. "culture": "Culture",
  144. "animation": "Animation",
  145. "clubs": "Clubs",
  146. "event": "Events",
  147. "tech": "Technique",
  148. "communication": "Communication",
  149. "intraSchools": "Alumni / IAT",
  150. "publicRelations": "Public Relations"
  151. }
  152. },
  153. "proximo": {
  154. "title": "Proximo",
  155. "articleList": "Articles",
  156. "emptyList": "Empty List",
  157. "article": "Article",
  158. "articles": "Articles",
  159. "sortOrder": "Sort by",
  160. "sortName": "Name",
  161. "sortNameReverse": "Name (reverse)",
  162. "sortPrice": "Price",
  163. "sortPriceReverse": "Price (reverse)",
  164. "inStock": "in stock",
  165. "description": "The Proximo is your small grocery store maintained by students directly on the campus. Open every day from 18h30 to 19h30, we welcome you when you are short on pastas or sodas ! Different products for different problems, everything at cost price. You can pay by Lydia or cash.",
  166. "openingHours": "Openning Hours",
  167. "paymentMethods": "Payment Methods",
  168. "paymentMethodsDescription": "Cash or Lydia",
  169. "search": "Search",
  170. "all": "All"
  171. },
  172. "insaAccount": {
  173. "title": "INSA Account"
  174. },
  175. "menu": {
  176. "title": "RU Menu"
  177. },
  178. "websites": {
  179. "amicale": "Amicale's website",
  180. "rooms": "Available rooms",
  181. "bib": "Bib'Box",
  182. "mails": "INSA Mails",
  183. "ent": "INSA ENT"
  184. },
  185. "login": {
  186. "title": "Login",
  187. "subtitle": "Please enter your credentials",
  188. "email": "Email",
  189. "emailError": "Please enter a valid email",
  190. "password": "Password",
  191. "passwordError": "Please enter a password",
  192. "resetPassword": "Forgot Password",
  193. "mascotDialog": {
  194. "title": "An account?",
  195. "message": "An Amicale account allows you to take part in several activities around campus. You can join a club, or even create your own!\n\nLogging into your Amicale account on the app will allow you to see all available clubs on the campus, vote for the upcoming elections, and more to come!\n\nNo Account? Go to the Amicale's building during open hours to create one.",
  196. "button": "OK"
  197. }
  198. },
  199. "profile": {
  200. "title": "Profile",
  201. "personalInformation": "Personal information",
  202. "noData": "No data",
  203. "editInformation": "Edit Information",
  204. "clubs": "Your clubs",
  205. "clubsSubtitle": "Click on a club to show its information",
  206. "isMember": "Member",
  207. "isManager": "Manager",
  208. "membership": "Membership Fee",
  209. "membershipSubtitle": "Allows you to take part in various activities",
  210. "membershipPayed": "Payed",
  211. "membershipNotPayed": "Not payed",
  212. "welcomeTitle": "Welcome %{name}!",
  213. "welcomeDescription": "This is your Amicale INSA Toulouse personal space. Bellow are the current services you can access thanks to your account. Feels empty? You're right and we plan on fixing that, so stay tuned!",
  214. "welcomeFeedback": "We plan on doing more! If you have any suggestions or found bugs, please tell us by clicking the button bellow."
  215. },
  216. "clubs": {
  217. "title": "Clubs",
  218. "details": "Club details",
  219. "managers": "Managers",
  220. "managersSubtitle": "These people make the club live",
  221. "managersUnavailable": "This club has no one :(",
  222. "categories": "Categories",
  223. "categoriesFilterMessage": "Click on a category to filter the list",
  224. "clubContact": "Contact the club",
  225. "amicaleContact": "Contact the Amicale",
  226. "invalidClub": "Could not find the club. Please make sure the club you are trying to access is valid.",
  227. "about": {
  228. "text": "The clubs, making the campus live, with more than sixty clubs offering various activities! From the philosophy club to the PABI (Production Artisanale de Bière Insaienne), without forgetting the multiple music and dance clubs, you will surely find an activity that suits you!",
  229. "title": "A question ?",
  230. "subtitle": "Ask the Amicale",
  231. "message": "You have a question concerning the clubs?\nYou want to revive or create a club?\nContact the Amicale at the following address:"
  232. }
  233. },
  234. "vote": {
  235. "title": "Elections",
  236. "noVote": "No vote available",
  237. "select": {
  238. "title": "Elections open",
  239. "subtitle": "Vote now!",
  240. "sendButton": "Send Vote",
  241. "dialogTitle": "Send Vote?",
  242. "dialogTitleLoading": "Sending vote...",
  243. "dialogMessage": "Are you sure you want to send your vote? You will not be able to change it."
  244. },
  245. "tease": {
  246. "title": "Elections incoming",
  247. "subtitle": "Be ready to vote!",
  248. "message": "Vote start:"
  249. },
  250. "wait": {
  251. "titleSubmitted": "Vote submitted!",
  252. "titleEnded": "Votes closed",
  253. "subtitle": "Waiting for results...",
  254. "messageSubmitted": "Vote submitted successfully.",
  255. "messageVoted": "Thank you for your participation.",
  256. "messageDate": "Results available:",
  257. "messageDateUndefined": "Results will be available shortly"
  258. },
  259. "results": {
  260. "title": "Results",
  261. "subtitle": "Available until:",
  262. "totalVotes": "Total votes:",
  263. "votes": "votes"
  264. },
  265. "mascotDialog": {
  266. "title": "Why vote?",
  267. "message": "The Amicale's elections is the right moment for you to choose the next team, which will handle different projects on the campus, help organizing your favorite events, animate the campus life during the whole year, and relay your ideas to the administration, so that your campus life is the most enjoyable possible!\nYour turn to make a change!\uD83D\uDE09\n\nNote: If there is only one list, it is still important to vote to show your support, so that the administration knows the current list is supported by students. It is always a plus when taking difficult decisions! \uD83D\uDE09",
  268. "button": "Ok"
  269. }
  270. },
  271. "equipment": {
  272. "title": "Equipment Booking",
  273. "book": "Book",
  274. "confirm": "Confirmation",
  275. "bail": "Bail: %{cost}€",
  276. "available": "Available %{date}",
  277. "today": "today",
  278. "tomorrow": "tomorrow",
  279. "thisMonth": "the %{date}",
  280. "otherMonth": "the %{date} of %{month}",
  281. "otherYear": "the %{date} of %{month} %{year}",
  282. "bookingDay": "Booked for %{date}",
  283. "bookingPeriod": "Booked from %{begin} to %{end}",
  284. "booking": "Click on the calendar to set the start and end dates",
  285. "bookButton": "Book selected dates",
  286. "dialogTitle": "Confirm booking?",
  287. "dialogTitleLoading": "Sending your booking...",
  288. "dialogMessage": "Are you sure you want to confirm your booking?\n\nYou will then be able to claim the selected equipment at the Amicale for the duration of your booking in exchange of a bail.",
  289. "bookingConfirmedMessage": "Do not forget to come by the Amicale to give your bail in exchange of the equipment.",
  290. "mascotDialog": {
  291. "title": "How does it work ?",
  292. "message": "Thanks to the Amicale, students have access to some equipment like BBQs and others. To book one of those items, click the equipment of your choice in the list bellow, enter your lend dates, then come around the Amicale to claim it and give your bail.",
  293. "button": "Ok"
  294. }
  295. },
  296. "scanner": {
  297. "title": "Scanotron 3000",
  298. "permissions": {
  299. "error": "Scanotron 3000 needs access to the camera in order to scan QR codes.\nThe camera will never be used for any other purpose.",
  300. "button": "Grant camera access"
  301. },
  302. "error": {
  303. "title": "QR code invalid",
  304. "message": "The QR code scanned could not be recognised, please make sure it is valid."
  305. },
  306. "help": {
  307. "button": "What can I scan?"
  308. },
  309. "mascotDialog": {
  310. "title": "Scano...what?",
  311. "message": "Scanotron 3000 allows you to scan Campus QR codes, created by clubs or event managers, to get more detailed info!\n\nThe camera will never be used for any other purposes.",
  312. "button": "OK"
  313. }
  314. },
  315. "settings": {
  316. "title": "Settings",
  317. "generalCard": "General",
  318. "nightMode": "Night Mode",
  319. "nightModeSubOn": "Your eyes are at peace",
  320. "nightModeSubOff": "Your eyes are burning",
  321. "nightModeAuto": "Follow system dark mode",
  322. "nightModeAutoSub": "Follows the mode chosen by your system",
  323. "startScreen": "Start Screen",
  324. "startScreenSub": "Select which screen to start the app on",
  325. "dashboard": "Dashboard",
  326. "dashboardSub": "Edit what services to display on the dashboard",
  327. "proxiwashNotifReminder": "Machine running reminder",
  328. "proxiwashNotifReminderSub": "How many minutes before",
  329. "information": "Information",
  330. "dashboardEdit": {
  331. "title": "Edit dashboard",
  332. "message": "The five items above represent your dashboard.\nYou can replace one of its services by selecting it, and then by clicking on the desired new service in the list bellow.",
  333. "undo": "Undo changes"
  334. }
  335. },
  336. "about": {
  337. "title": "About",
  338. "buttonDesc": "Information about the app and its creator",
  339. "appstore": "See on the Appstore",
  340. "playstore": "See on the Playstore",
  341. "changelog": "Changelog",
  342. "license": "License",
  343. "debug": "Debug",
  344. "team": "Team",
  345. "author": "Author and maintainer",
  346. "authorMail": "Send an email",
  347. "additionalDev": "Developer",
  348. "technologies": "Technologies",
  349. "reactNative": "Made with React Native",
  350. "libs": "Libraries used",
  351. "thanks": "Thanks"
  352. },
  353. "feedback": {
  354. "title": "Contribute",
  355. "feedback": "Contact the dev",
  356. "feedbackSubtitle": "A student like you!",
  357. "feedbackDescription": "Feedback or bugs, you are always welcome.\nChoose your preferred way from the buttons bellow.",
  358. "contribute": "Contribute to the project",
  359. "contributeSubtitle": "With a possible \"implication citoyenne\"!",
  360. "contributeDescription": "Everyone can help: communication, design or coding! You are free to contribute as you like.\nYou can find bellow a link to Trello for project organization, and a link to the source code on GitEtud.",
  361. "homeButtonTitle": "Contribute to the project",
  362. "homeButtonSubtitle": "Your help is important"
  363. },
  364. "game": {
  365. "title": "So Awesome Game",
  366. "welcomeTitle": "Welcome !",
  367. "welcomeMessage": "Stuck on the toilet? The teacher is late?\nThis game is for you!\n\nTry to get the best score and beat your friends.",
  368. "play": "Play!",
  369. "score": "Score: %{score}",
  370. "highScore": "High score: %{score}",
  371. "newHighScore": "New High Score!",
  372. "time": "Time:",
  373. "level": "Level:",
  374. "pause": "Game Paused",
  375. "pauseMessage": "You paused, loser",
  376. "resume": "Resume",
  377. "gameOver": "Game Over",
  378. "restart": {
  379. "text": "Restart",
  380. "confirm": "Are you sure you want to restart?",
  381. "confirmMessage": "You will lose you progress, continue?",
  382. "confirmYes": "Yes",
  383. "confirmNo": "No"
  384. },
  385. "mascotDialog": {
  386. "title": "A secret!",
  387. "message": "You found the secret game, awesome ! If you have time to lose, this game is for you.",
  388. "button": "Yay!"
  389. }
  390. },
  391. "debug": {
  392. "title": "Debug"
  393. }
  394. },
  395. "intro": {
  396. "slideMain": {
  397. "title": "Welcome to CAMPUS!",
  398. "text": "The students app of the INSA Toulouse! Read along to see everything you can do."
  399. },
  400. "slidePlanex": {
  401. "title": "Prettier Planex",
  402. "text": "Lookup your and your friends timetable with a mobile friendly Planex!"
  403. },
  404. "slideEvents": {
  405. "title": "Events",
  406. "text": "Be aware of any event occurring on the campus, from pancake sales to Enfoiros concerts!"
  407. },
  408. "slideServices": {
  409. "title": "And even more!",
  410. "text": "You can do much more with CAMPUS, but I can't explain everything here. Explore the app to find out!"
  411. },
  412. "slideDone": {
  413. "title": "Contribute to the project!",
  414. "text": "This app is the work of one student, so your feedback and your help are welcome!\nEveryone can help: communication, design or coding!"
  415. },
  416. "updateSlide0": {
  417. "title": "Hi you!",
  418. "text": "I'm new here and I will help you around the app. My thing is to give you lots of tips and tricks."
  419. },
  420. "updateSlide1": {
  421. "title": "Contribute to the project!",
  422. "text": "This app is the work of one student, so your feedback and your help are welcome!\nEveryone can help: communication, design or coding!"
  423. },
  424. "aprilFoolsSlide": {
  425. "title": "New in this update!",
  426. "text": "We heard you, you don't like the new design and colors, so we changed them!\nLove."
  427. }
  428. },
  429. "errors": {
  430. "title": "Error!",
  431. "badCredentials": "Email or password invalid.",
  432. "badToken": "You are not logged in. Please login and try again.",
  433. "noConsent": "You did not give your consent for data processing to the Amicale.",
  434. "tokenSave": "Could not save session token. Please contact support.",
  435. "badInput": "Invalid input. Please try again.",
  436. "forbidden": "You do not have access to this data.",
  437. "connectionError": "Network error. Please check your internet connection.",
  438. "serverError": "Server error. Please contact support.",
  439. "unknown": "Unknown error. Please contact support."
  440. },
  441. "dialog": {
  442. "ok": "OK",
  443. "yes": "Yes",
  444. "cancel": "Cancel",
  445. "disconnect": {
  446. "title": "Disconnect",
  447. "titleLoading": "Disconnecting...",
  448. "message": "Are you sure you want to disconnect from your Amicale account?"
  449. }
  450. },
  451. "general": {
  452. "loading": "Loading...",
  453. "retry": "Retry",
  454. "networkError": "Unable to contact servers. Make sure you are connected to Internet.",
  455. "goBack": "Go Back",
  456. "goForward": "Go Forward",
  457. "openInBrowser": "Open in Browser",
  458. "notAvailable": "Not available",
  459. "listUpdateFail": "Error while updating list"
  460. },
  461. "date": {
  462. "daysOfWeek": {
  463. "monday": "Monday",
  464. "tuesday": "Tuesday",
  465. "wednesday": "Wednesday",
  466. "thursday": "Thursday",
  467. "friday": "Friday",
  468. "saturday": "Saturday",
  469. "sunday": "Sunday"
  470. },
  471. "monthsOfYear": {
  472. "january": "January",
  473. "february": "February",
  474. "march": "March",
  475. "april": "April",
  476. "may": "May",
  477. "june": "June",
  478. "july": "July",
  479. "august": "August",
  480. "september": "September",
  481. "october": "October",
  482. "november": "November",
  483. "december": "December"
  484. }
  485. }
  486. }