896 Commits (bf09f1d14df6d56d388982dfeeaa804a700e7b7c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  keplyx 00daef7a0e Added ability to edit preferences from debug menu 4 years ago
  keplyx 12cfdab54d added new update slides 4 years ago
  keplyx 0a4a3f23f0 Added tutor insa link in sidebar 4 years ago
  keplyx 2ef349755a Implemented new RU menu screen 4 years ago
  keplyx 8c779e0ed6 Improved settings nightmode checkbox 4 years ago
  keplyx e2f74b97e6 Added mail contact for bug reports 4 years ago
  keplyx 68fe542085 Fixed list highlight color on ios 4 years ago
  keplyx 5527c38c73 Sort proximo sections by id 4 years ago
  keplyx 6371d4a9ff Various UI improvements and fixes (mainly for ios) 4 years ago
  keplyx dd4ba0a9fc Fixed side menu staying open when changing tab + fixed ios tab icon color 4 years ago
  keplyx cecf4154f6 Remove category selection text 4 years ago
  keplyx 15fe4c4147 Fixed planning modal impossible to close/scroll 4 years ago
  keplyx 517fea788d Added intro slide on update, changed planning event display on click 4 years ago
  keplyx 74a587cac7 Display events on the same day in the right order, prevent refresh spam 4 years ago
  keplyx ddf58959c9 First implementation of planning 4 years ago
  keplyx 575b900268 Fixed crash when expo token not available 4 years ago
  keplyx 540d94d877 Allow selecting default screen on application start 4 years ago
  keplyx 1c772fc9c0 Upgraded version number 4 years ago
  keplyx cb9c7c6ada Improved proximo article list display 4 years ago
  keplyx 65f69a8748 Fixed flow error 4 years ago
  keplyx 5019377645 Use v2 stock list in proximo and display information in modal on click 4 years ago
  keplyx 01a55c8b89 Updated appstore link 4 years ago
  keplyx 82924b2a4b Hide WIP planning text on IOS to allow publishing the app on appstore 4 years ago
  keplyx f76628313f Passed application to v1.0.0 to publish on appstore, changed name to Campus 4 years ago
  keplyx 9f24b22c83 Added proxiwash description 4 years ago
  keplyx 47d2e4f2c0 Secured website post request by password 4 years ago
  keplyx 528867ab3c Added debug screen, fixed ios icon size 4 years ago
  keplyx c8bab93868 Updated icons and fixed about links 4 years ago
  keplyx 3ba3d332f8 Use machine remaining time from server instead of calculating it again 4 years ago
  keplyx a99e8da6e4 Send locale to notification server, fixed sidebar image on long displays 4 years ago
  keplyx f228ed0cee Fixed crash on nightmode change, sync reminder notification with server 4 years ago
  keplyx 75ab575322 Show splash screen when app not finished loading instead of basic view 4 years ago
  keplyx f6c1b2ea8f Changed icons and app name 4 years ago
  keplyx 19039f52cc Synchronised watchlist with server 4 years ago
  keplyx 8d4223333f Replaced local notifications with push notifications 4 years ago
  keplyx 728e72b503 Fixed broken link 4 years ago
  keplyx 3ef494f86a Improved readme, changed version, changed about links 4 years ago
  keplyx e83c3a834d Added more information in proxiwash about screen + added more translations 4 years ago
  keplyx 206772c695 Added logos 4 years ago
  keplyx 890f1832a3 Inject custom css in webview 4 years ago
  keplyx 57208ef554 Improved colors and fixed side menu showing in tab transitions 4 years ago
  keplyx 8e03b6b8c2 Block refresh to once every minute 4 years ago
  keplyx aba52782d0 Added proximo info screen and improved proxiwash one 4 years ago
  keplyx 1aa4a59fa0 Added proxiwash info screen + fixed crash when machine running 4 years ago
  keplyx c6e27c5d47 Changed prowiwash source to use updating json, edited readme 4 years ago
  keplyx 83ae37420f Added GPLv3 licence 4 years ago
  keplyx 7d7b17765d Added self menu,added screen animations, improved themes 4 years ago
  keplyx 228a3dbabf added translations for intro slides and moved intro in separate custom component 4 years ago
  keplyx af0bcd0c5c Fixed sidenav background color to follow current theme, changed app name 4 years ago
  keplyx ae664f6ce5 Changed more logos 4 years ago