18 Commits (9980e78918c77985af3978100003c8828ec1182f)

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  Arnaud Vergnet f7e66b1251 Reduced splash size 3 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 38a5761f23 Removed drawer related files and renamed navigator for more coherence 3 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet faa174b8f1 Moved proximo and proxiwash images on the web 3 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 54861d729d Added new home tab icon 3 years ago
  keplyx d10d8a368f Removed unused assets 3 years ago
  keplyx 528867ab3c Added debug screen, fixed ios icon size 4 years ago
  keplyx c8bab93868 Updated icons and fixed about links 4 years ago
  keplyx f228ed0cee Fixed crash on nightmode change, sync reminder notification with server 4 years ago
  keplyx f6c1b2ea8f Changed icons and app name 4 years ago
  keplyx 206772c695 Added logos 4 years ago
  keplyx af0bcd0c5c Fixed sidenav background color to follow current theme, changed app name 4 years ago
  keplyx ae664f6ce5 Changed more logos 4 years ago
  keplyx f857f0e808 Changed logo 4 years ago
  keplyx 405f1769d3 improved assets, added more details in app.json 4 years ago
  keplyx b16aab8adc Updated icons and dependencies 4 years ago
  keplyx 7cd543ac74 Improved night mode 4 years ago
  keplyx dd2cb38c58 Added first application draft 4 years ago
  keplyx 2d641579aa Init expo project 4 years ago