16 Commits (20aed5cc8051c511b2ba4d9513c4eee021df728b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Arnaud Vergnet 20aed5cc80 Update prettier config 6 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet fe96d9f8a1 fix proxiwash change not auto refreshing list 6 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet acbbd2d27d Move preferences in separate contextes 6 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 20d5e790d0 fix proxiwash update loop 6 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 00f9428972 Use context to handle preferences 6 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet c1dd69d0ed move last refresh date in request screen 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 02135d64ff Allow laundromat swwitch from header 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 360023aea6 show proxiwash last updated date 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 27199b85e5 Update proxiwash screen and notifications 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 35a4b377f8 simplify web section list 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet a94006d18a Improve websectionlist and update proximo api 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 02f9241d28 Update prettier and eslint config 7 months ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 5d65d72418 Remove useless button in proxiwash modal 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet eaf1c52af5 Really fix translations not loading 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet da55abed8f Fix proxiwash translations not loading 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 9f4dcda7d9 Update proxiwash screens to use TypeScript 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet cc03aa6912 Add licence headers 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 2c3f89816b Add button to change laundromat 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet b654a928a2 Reflect laundromat change when opening proxiwash screen 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet b27864858b Move constant data in constants file 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 61647ce6ec Fix flow errors and remove unused functions 1 year ago
  docjyJ d5e1e6c7eb Update Proxiwash Mascot popup 1 year ago
  docjyJ c5b6e128ee Bug Correction 1 year ago
  docjyJ 5b6176a361 Update ui proxiwash settings go to general Settings 1 year ago
  docjyJ 02e30f87cf Update ui to go to proxiwash Settings 1 year ago
  docjyJ ce1227901c Update Docs 1 year ago
  docjyJ 115c90b712 Add new Screen to select wash 1 year ago
  docjyJ f8f5749478 add settings selection 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 2bcbe36f2f Change mascot popup key 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet fcbc70956b Improve Services screen components to match linter 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 1cc0802c12 Improve Proxiwash components to match linter 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 5349e210cb Allow mascot popup to be controlled directly with a pref key 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 6254ce1814 Improved async storage usage 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 9064b8da77 Improved french mascot translation 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 0d1fe124f4 Improved locale files structure 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 761132732b Added a new mascot dialog to replace banners 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 06d01e98b0 Improved banners and added one on the home screen 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 6ac459e58a Improved translation 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 23bc034b34 Updated proxiwash to match v2 API 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 9e4e340302 Fixed modal displaying negative remaining times 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet b83b142942 Fixed crash 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet aa2fad344a Improved notification activation on corner cases 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet e5299ed9c3 Moved util functions in own file 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 087331258a Added local notifications on android 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 4f49b48fc5 Disabled some expo unimodules 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 50a5f087b6 Fixed banner content offset 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 01e3195be7 Improved screen changing performances and removed tab screen animations 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet bdeae6933a Improved project structure 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet e157af57d1 Improved status bar height fix 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 41eaaac350 Temporary fix for statusbar height and image modal jump 1 year ago