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  Arnaud Vergnet f7e767748a Update about screens to use TypeScript 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet cc03aa6912 Add licence headers 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 483970c9a8 Improve about components to match linter 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 6254ce1814 Improved async storage usage 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet be33726e39 Added collapsible header to more screens and added an abstraction layer around collapsible behaviour 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet b66e50eaf8 Improved doc and typing and removed unused file 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet bdeae6933a Improved project structure 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 71f39a64cc Improved app links and error handling on qr code opening 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 46dbdb0740 Improved debug and dependencies performances 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet dc3a49ee6c Moved all source files in src folder 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 3f576c2287 Organized custom components 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 7e90b80ca2 Improved project structure 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 03549957a8 Improved documentation and fixed debug mode 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 965ddd3cb2 Removed remaining flow errors 2 years ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 81eddd9bdd Removed unused functions 2 years ago
  keplyx 7bac5a6ddc Improved theme handling and performance 2 years ago
  keplyx 850a64571c Improved files path coherence 2 years ago
  keplyx 8bf8529331 Moved modalized component inside custom component 2 years ago
  keplyx 1f64c734aa Replaced native base with react native paper 2 years ago
  keplyx 79eaefab88 Use React navigation header 2 years ago
  keplyx cec72be88c Use expo material icons instead of custom class 2 years ago
  keplyx c3c99fbe3b Removed console.log for more performance 2 years ago
  keplyx c478a117b5 Optimised imported and cleaned code 2 years ago
  keplyx a1a0e0b7f0 Updated expo and other libs to newer version 2 years ago
  keplyx 00daef7a0e Added ability to edit preferences from debug menu 3 years ago
  keplyx f76628313f Passed application to v1.0.0 to publish on appstore, changed name to Campus 3 years ago
  keplyx 528867ab3c Added debug screen, fixed ios icon size 3 years ago