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  keplyx a10d357d8f Fixed purecomponent not updating 3 years ago
  keplyx 38b1a158c8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into dev 3 years ago
  keplyx 578e912927 Added proxiwash AF 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard 434a9cc1e5 Reduced the text size of machines number 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard 1bb52839d9 Improved ProxiwashScreen UI 3 years ago
  keplyx 67357227c0 removed more arrow functions 3 years ago
  keplyx 7bac5a6ddc Improved theme handling and performance 3 years ago
  keplyx da24621c67 Improved AF + improved dashboard buttons 3 years ago
  keplyx 1bc0b31283 Improved AF 3 years ago
  keplyx c720600afd Improved dashboard event item 3 years ago
  keplyx 9ec986574f Follow system night mode when available 3 years ago
  keplyx 992e2d8286 Updated README.md 3 years ago
  keplyx 81b44f64fd Improved refresh handling 3 years ago
  keplyx 9ebf34fca9 Improved section headers 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard ff7e7cb279 Added missing translation + other improvements 3 years ago
  keplyx 376b5f665c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into dev 3 years ago
  keplyx 8b8afd69eb Removed unused code and some arrow functions 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard 9bbd3dd6b2 Better formatting for sort order selection in ProximoListScreen 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard ab129764df Improved some padding in Menu 3 years ago
  keplyx d514d70126 Improved proximo list loading 3 years ago
  keplyx e48b319e8c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into dev 3 years ago
  keplyx 850a64571c Improved files path coherence 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard 70c8c59059 Fixed search bar padding in ProximoListScreen 3 years ago
  keplyx 8bf8529331 Moved modalized component inside custom component 3 years ago
  keplyx 97d84d92f5 Prevent unselecting machine reminder value 3 years ago
  keplyx a9fcbfe719 Merge branch 'april-fools' into dev 3 years ago
  keplyx bcdd1f9875 Moved custom theme in AprilFoolsManager.js 3 years ago
  keplyx 52131ac401 Fixed crash 3 years ago
  keplyx c555aabd5a Show intro slider on first start for april fools 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard 3c767aea65 Fixed translation 3 years ago
  keplyx 9e90c9d8f3 Added basic april fools functionality 3 years ago
  keplyx b625ac7255 Updated translations 3 years ago
  keplyx 2f3e171b08 Improved planning display 3 years ago
  keplyx 2e579368a8 Changed tab focused icon color 3 years ago
  keplyx 0020c5f588 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/perf' into perf 3 years ago
  keplyx 798617d881 Fixed watchlist fetch + use modal instead of alert 3 years ago
  Yohan Simard 1a15ff4589 Grayed out tab icons when unfocused 3 years ago
  keplyx 9e708bcf09 Changed tab icons 3 years ago
  keplyx 60a8fedb48 Removed console.log and changed tab colors 3 years ago
  keplyx 97a56a5245 Improved RU menu section headers 3 years ago
  keplyx 198fca639e Improved roxiwash section headers 3 years ago
  keplyx 7f7ae68664 Improved proxiwash screen + show help banner on proxiwash and planex 3 years ago
  keplyx 24ad1076a0 Improved drawer item display and fixed modal position 3 years ago
  keplyx 922f15f3d2 Set sort menu with modalize 3 years ago
  keplyx 8d914c97f5 Removed unused libs and improved style responsiveness 3 years ago
  keplyx 38ada0c027 Improved layout 3 years ago
  keplyx 1f64c734aa Replaced native base with react native paper 3 years ago
  keplyx 79eaefab88 Use React navigation header 3 years ago
  keplyx 14960794bc Start using react navigation header 3 years ago
  keplyx cec72be88c Use expo material icons instead of custom class 3 years ago