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  keplyx a663d8256a Added planex webview 3 years ago
  keplyx fd0d896709 Added link to the timetable + removed list update toast if success 3 years ago
  keplyx fb086aac58 Added planning screen placeholder 3 years ago
  keplyx 062ac9ac5d Updated about links and version 3 years ago
  keplyx ed597bfa8a Changed data source for proximo to use proximo's website 3 years ago
  keplyx 0201b9a389 Display message when no internet or no data yet in lists 3 years ago
  keplyx 8fa2bd792f Activate proxiwash notifications and see machine info on alert popup 3 years ago
  keplyx 861b655fe5 Use common class to handle section list display 3 years ago
  keplyx ca1f806237 Improved error handling in proxiwash screen 3 years ago
  keplyx f2cd3bec0d Added setting to set proxiwash reminder notification 3 years ago
  keplyx 7cd543ac74 Improved night mode 3 years ago
  keplyx be67c70a95 Added notification support for proxiwash 3 years ago
  keplyx 893eca287e Improved proximo screen 3 years ago
  keplyx dd2cb38c58 Added first application draft 3 years ago