929 Commits (79dcb34b7d1b7f9d3631fc6eec7c3bbee8572f57)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  keplyx b425555da9 Increased version number 4 years ago
  keplyx fc47332d61 Fixed webview error on ios 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard 15107a6adc Added top padding in the availableRooms screen in landscape 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard 0e566c44c5 Fixed typos 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard 9503c781ca Better formatting in the menu 4 years ago
  keplyx 819a8624c7 Added back button on bib box web page 4 years ago
  keplyx bec015bce9 Updated version + fixed planex css cache not updating 4 years ago
  keplyx c9425ed6a2 Added update intro text 4 years ago
  keplyx e4a002c8dc Show text to tell user to rotate the screen 4 years ago
  keplyx bb0ff390a9 Hide webview header and tabs on landscape 4 years ago
  keplyx 1da41c1fd1 Added tabbed webview for available rooms 4 years ago
  keplyx 8b132ccc91 Fixed chevron not showing in about screen 4 years ago
  keplyx 6dfb8e0c38 Improved translations 4 years ago
  keplyx f3d1c705ae Added tutorinsa to the dashboard + reworked item organization 4 years ago
  keplyx e419626c43 Refactored dashboard using react custom component 4 years ago
  keplyx 161434a730 Added footer webview navigation 4 years ago
  keplyx db98144a0d Replaced out links with webwiews + added available rooms webview 4 years ago
  keplyx 23d9a614d2 Fixed warning when 2 items have the same name 4 years ago
  keplyx 980dfdbdf3 Improved UI consistency 4 years ago
  keplyx cf22a9c8f2 Fixed events available detection 4 years ago
  keplyx 7ffa79481e Added update intro slides 4 years ago
  keplyx 0e6719a274 Improved dashboard display and translations. Fixed events ending the next day not showing 4 years ago
  keplyx 98e820473e Improved dashboard display and translations 4 years ago
  keplyx 4449f82c81 Display the most important incoming event for the current day on the dashboard 4 years ago
  keplyx 44294bb7ca Fixed crash on menu screen + added french dashboard translation 4 years ago
  keplyx 158973c74d Improved dashboard display 4 years ago
  keplyx f806152370 Added basic dashboard 4 years ago
  keplyx 2f895eabf8 Updated version number 4 years ago
  keplyx cc6fd184c5 Grouped proxiwash screens files 4 years ago
  keplyx f1ce71df8f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 4 years ago
  keplyx 4cefcccdce Hide articles with empty stock 4 years ago
  keplyx c44ce1e514 Updated intro translations again 4 years ago
  keplyx 182ba7d9da Updated intro translations 4 years ago
  keplyx 00daef7a0e Added ability to edit preferences from debug menu 4 years ago
  keplyx 12cfdab54d added new update slides 4 years ago
  keplyx 0a4a3f23f0 Added tutor insa link in sidebar 4 years ago
  keplyx 2ef349755a Implemented new RU menu screen 4 years ago
  keplyx 8c779e0ed6 Improved settings nightmode checkbox 4 years ago
  keplyx e2f74b97e6 Added mail contact for bug reports 4 years ago
  keplyx 68fe542085 Fixed list highlight color on ios 4 years ago
  keplyx 5527c38c73 Sort proximo sections by id 4 years ago
  keplyx 6371d4a9ff Various UI improvements and fixes (mainly for ios) 4 years ago
  keplyx dd4ba0a9fc Fixed side menu staying open when changing tab + fixed ios tab icon color 4 years ago
  keplyx cecf4154f6 Remove category selection text 4 years ago
  keplyx 15fe4c4147 Fixed planning modal impossible to close/scroll 4 years ago
  keplyx 517fea788d Added intro slide on update, changed planning event display on click 4 years ago
  keplyx 74a587cac7 Display events on the same day in the right order, prevent refresh spam 4 years ago
  keplyx ddf58959c9 First implementation of planning 4 years ago
  keplyx 575b900268 Fixed crash when expo token not available 4 years ago
  keplyx 540d94d877 Allow selecting default screen on application start 4 years ago