929 Commits (79dcb34b7d1b7f9d3631fc6eec7c3bbee8572f57)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  keplyx 7def165547 Improved planning display screen and fixed crash when no event on home 4 years ago
  keplyx f171578c8d Use chevron instead of arrow on ios 4 years ago
  keplyx de787bf5a6 Changed screen transition animations 4 years ago
  keplyx 128b398aac Moved planning event display in own screen 4 years ago
  keplyx c904cdb235 Updated react navigation and changed animations 4 years ago
  keplyx 7ea02bb30f Fixed back button not working on some cases 4 years ago
  keplyx fd8d7e71d6 Replaced custom sidemenu by global react navigation drawer for increased performance 4 years ago
  keplyx c3c99fbe3b Removed console.log for more performance 4 years ago
  keplyx 5939319df2 Merge branch 'dev' 4 years ago
  keplyx 99eff7ebf5 Improved translations 4 years ago
  keplyx 2691931d73 Added update text 4 years ago
  keplyx 0a6a4dc863 Fixed soome bugs, increased version number and added Changelog.md 4 years ago
  keplyx c478a117b5 Optimised imported and cleaned code 4 years ago
  keplyx b62ad1fd4a Improved bluemind display and added ent webview screen 4 years ago
  keplyx 628f36df24 Improved planex display 4 years ago
  keplyx e72196812e Moved about screen in sidemenu, fixed warnings 4 years ago
  keplyx d654a5d7a8 Improved Planex display and webview fullscreen 4 years ago
  keplyx 1816175659 Added bluemind screen, reworked sidemenu and changed planex default zoom 4 years ago
  keplyx c048032781 Fixed webview crash on refresh after screen rotation 4 years ago
  keplyx ff0f8737a4 Merge branch 'dev' 4 years ago
  keplyx 32069f2b8c Fixed sidemenu image being cut off on some devices 4 years ago
  keplyx a38e251cb5 Changed Planex landscape indicator text color 4 years ago
  keplyx 76aeb1599c Added ElusEtudiants website link 4 years ago
  keplyx aa78b90e3c increased version number 4 years ago
  keplyx fd3f900716 Enabled rotation only on chosen screens and fixed sidemenu image on landscape 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard 57725b2eef Planex webview is no longer reloading on orientation change 4 years ago
  keplyx 41f869952a Fixed black gradient on ios 4 years ago
  keplyx 5ba63da3d4 Updated native base theme 4 years ago
  keplyx 35acbff1cf Fixed injected css not working when injected too late 4 years ago
  keplyx a3f01a483f Improved injected css 4 years ago
  keplyx 3916d2d2d1 Increased version number 4 years ago
  keplyx de5beb4b86 Fixed warnings and removed unnecessary dependencies 4 years ago
  keplyx a1a0e0b7f0 Updated expo and other libs to newer version 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard e6e4e9f822 Added email and linkedin 4 years ago
  keplyx 4780b838ab Added Yohan to dev list 4 years ago
  keplyx 52729bee53 Fixed padding issues in header 4 years ago
  keplyx 4e2045925a Merge branch 'search_proximo' into dev 4 years ago
  keplyx 4cb0d2f8b5 fixed focus repeating every 500ms 4 years ago
  keplyx ab7e8f92fc Fixed focusing on search bar not working 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard fd75675681 Auto focus search bar when clicking the search icon 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard d614e8a1ed Implemented search into each category instead of its own screen 4 years ago
  keplyx edfb32667c Improved headers search bar design 4 years ago
  keplyx dd11fcc2c7 Moved search header into custom header + search on key press 4 years ago
  keplyx e3bc2f7e8e Added "all articles" category + use native base for search input 4 years ago
  keplyx 83dc2dce34 Fixed flow errors 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard 61d413b074 Improved planning screen: back button now close the calendar if opened + translated day and month names 4 years ago
  Yohan Simard 9f4018a0de Added a search feature in the Proximo articles + fixed typos in translations 4 years ago
  keplyx eb72ea6040 Made event title take the while width if no image available 4 years ago
  keplyx 06eba3fb9c Forced planex items background to be opaque 4 years ago
  keplyx 0ab9413f6a Merge branch 'dev' 4 years ago