49 Commits (04ad4901c16b431ce0b18c38c5d1f61b978599f6)

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  Arnaud Vergnet 04ad4901c1 Ejected to bare 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet b2073747c9 Improved statusbar color 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 02f3ff0ff9 Fixed app.json errors and updated image modal 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 41eaaac350 Temporary fix for statusbar height and image modal jump 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 2a3f19e092 Fixed app.json errors 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet eab232c4dc Fixed image modal view jump by setting status bar to opaque 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet b46e671d83 Fixed android permissions 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet 41b9194d98 Allow to open app with links to clubs and events 1 year ago
  Arnaud Vergnet daae4984ad Updated libs to latest compatible version 1 year ago
  keplyx 14c6ae16b5 Updated version number 1 year ago
  keplyx 9ec986574f Follow system night mode when available 1 year ago
  keplyx 7acbb88641 Updated version 1 year ago
  keplyx 0019dba147 Updated version 1 year ago
  keplyx aa3acf42df Updated version to 1.5.0 1 year ago
  keplyx 0a6a4dc863 Fixed soome bugs, increased version number and added Changelog.md 2 years ago
  keplyx aa78b90e3c increased version number 2 years ago
  keplyx 3916d2d2d1 Increased version number 2 years ago
  keplyx a1a0e0b7f0 Updated expo and other libs to newer version 2 years ago
  keplyx b425555da9 Increased version number 2 years ago
  keplyx bec015bce9 Updated version + fixed planex css cache not updating 2 years ago
  keplyx 0e6719a274 Improved dashboard display and translations. Fixed events ending the next day not showing 2 years ago
  keplyx 2f895eabf8 Updated version number 2 years ago
  keplyx 2ef349755a Implemented new RU menu screen 2 years ago
  keplyx ddf58959c9 First implementation of planning 2 years ago
  keplyx 1c772fc9c0 Upgraded version number 2 years ago
  keplyx 01a55c8b89 Updated appstore link 2 years ago
  keplyx f76628313f Passed application to v1.0.0 to publish on appstore, changed name to Campus 2 years ago
  keplyx 9f24b22c83 Added proxiwash description 2 years ago
  keplyx 528867ab3c Added debug screen, fixed ios icon size 2 years ago
  keplyx c8bab93868 Updated icons and fixed about links 2 years ago
  keplyx 3ba3d332f8 Use machine remaining time from server instead of calculating it again 2 years ago
  keplyx a99e8da6e4 Send locale to notification server, fixed sidebar image on long displays 2 years ago
  keplyx 75ab575322 Show splash screen when app not finished loading instead of basic view 2 years ago
  keplyx f6c1b2ea8f Changed icons and app name 2 years ago
  keplyx 3ef494f86a Improved readme, changed version, changed about links 2 years ago
  keplyx 57208ef554 Improved colors and fixed side menu showing in tab transitions 2 years ago
  keplyx c6e27c5d47 Changed prowiwash source to use updating json, edited readme 2 years ago
  keplyx af0bcd0c5c Fixed sidenav background color to follow current theme, changed app name 2 years ago
  keplyx f857f0e808 Changed logo 2 years ago
  keplyx a663d8256a Added planex webview 2 years ago
  keplyx 405f1769d3 improved assets, added more details in app.json 2 years ago
  keplyx 5c73dc8715 Added app intro slider on first startup 2 years ago
  keplyx 062ac9ac5d Updated about links and version 2 years ago
  keplyx fbe687ca98 Added notification vibrations and remove machine from watch list on last notification 2 years ago
  keplyx b16aab8adc Updated icons and dependencies 2 years ago
  keplyx f2cd3bec0d Added setting to set proxiwash reminder notification 2 years ago
  keplyx 7cd543ac74 Improved night mode 2 years ago
  keplyx 18fae8346f Added used libs page 2 years ago
  keplyx 2d641579aa Init expo project 2 years ago