252 Commits (master)

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  Holt59 b3aaaf8d10 Update BinaryHeap tests. 5 years ago
  Holt59 20a64255aa Remove output. 5 years ago
  Holt59 05c4f0da2a Try to improve mapsforge auto file detection. 5 years ago
  Holt59 d4b1ef0481 Remove unused constructor of BasicPathOverlay. 5 years ago
  Holt59 1f06fc1eec Link inputs directly to MainWindow to avoid issue when loading new graph/redrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 b192bb4f07 Add info panel for SP solutions. 5 years ago
  Holt59 1cb11975a6 Remove main from ShortestPathPanel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 96ca2b3a8a Add path overlays functionality. 5 years ago
  Holt59 71202409b8 Rename some classes. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ae460ff454 Remove drawLine. Better overlay for BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 467253f9bb Re-organize code. 5 years ago
  Holt59 29051be12b Create OverlayTracker as a prent of MarkerTracker to allow tracking of other objects. 5 years ago
  Holt59 6bc633e5bb Add shortest path panel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 b6eb6d97ea Switch from int to byte for color in markers. 5 years ago
  Holt59 422a3267ca Add possibility to show/hide a marker after its creation without having to delete/recreate it. 5 years ago
  Holt59 9ae576a058 Fix size issue for point vs. marker. 5 years ago
  Holt59 fc44ad93c3 Remove unwanted output. 5 years ago
  Holt59 9acdc998b3 Improve overlay management for BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 481e30e80c Add way to track drawn Markers on map and delete/move them. Delete not implemented for BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 a9ab69965e Remove zoom limit in MapViewDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 5ccdbc9417 Fix issue that was shrinking the drawing when redrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 0236798ef5 Fix isValid(). 5 years ago
  Holt59 f736bf3005 Add implementation of methods for Path (for testing purpose... ). 5 years ago
  Holt59 ccad590007 Switch ArrayList -> List. Fix ambiguous javadoc. 5 years ago
  Holt59 bc67e95f7f Switch from ArrayList to List in Graph. 5 years ago
  Holt59 374e5e5f5c Update javadoc for graph package. 5 years ago
  Holt59 adbb1f7e61 Fix javadoc for Point. 5 years ago
  Holt59 d00e012497 Enforce immutability via final and unmodifiableList. 5 years ago
  Holt59 7640fa34c7 Switch to static methods for creating paths from nodes. 5 years ago
  Holt59 26180b8d4d Remove top panel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ca94ddf7ff Fix output stream in textarea. Add blocking actions. 5 years ago
  Holt59 0514c627b4 Rename abstract classes. 5 years ago
  Holt59 6c3bc23984 Fix exceptions for readers, add path writer. 5 years ago
  Holt59 164a9d4494 Move listener class outside of MainWindow. 5 years ago
  Holt59 c624fd9dfd Regoranized package. 5 years ago
  Holt59 4a5ac5ad58 Update gitignore. 5 years ago
  Holt59 f6fdb1871f Switch back to Internal theme to avoid having resources. 5 years ago
  Holt59 9db2ee36dd Fix issue with MapViewDrawing and generalize ClickListener for all Drawings. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 24eeab7971 Update MapViewer. 5 years ago
  Holt59 5899dfa276 Try new method to scale path. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle d5af267227 Create new drawing using Mapsforge. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 379784e2ec Start to create a topPanel to add information. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 3a17f55571 Rename Instance -> Data. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 960d1b1845 Add constructor from nodes to path. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 237edea766 Update MainWindow to allow choice of mode for SP. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 1eee9b8dd9 Add method in graph to find node from position. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 71accfe13b Update code. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle a6e8a22081 Add origin node to arc. 5 years ago
  Holt59 11b07b652b Update. 5 years ago
  Holt59 eceaecd813 Update. 5 years ago