252 Commits (master)

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  Holt59 23341f1499 Clean code. 5 years ago
  Holt59 094a2331af Clean code. 5 years ago
  Holt59 84f01ce47e Add bounding-box in GraphStatistics. 5 years ago
  Holt59 2a77c2d271 Add toString() for WWC input data. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ee241b963a Add button when no drawing are loaded. 5 years ago
  Holt59 23928b2c5b Fix issue with file dialog not showing when drawing mapsforge. 5 years ago
  Holt59 e0268c80af Fix Arc and add @deprecated javadoc for students to implement. 5 years ago
  Holt59 440dc48c6a Merge new-length. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle f2bdc462a3 Fix .equals for Node. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 7dcbdcb408 Correct typing error. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle a765e58f84 Fix issue with path test. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 3e6bcb0665 Start updating length (int -> float). 5 years ago
  Holt59 1a536dd759 Minor code cleaning. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 85fb193808 Update javadoc and clean naming. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 17fb363493 Make ArcForward non-public (hide implementation). 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 04bddb0d34 Update javadoc, clean Arc implementation. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 1454e651dc Update javadoc. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle bcdaf54a63 Add algorithms for CarPooling and PackageSwitch. 5 years ago
  Holt59 f1d74d8040 Fix issue with click not being enable when an input was empty in nodes input panel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 e5d1b30cfd Clean code. 5 years ago
  Holt59 825108d10e Improve 'clear' performance (only clear overlays if possible). 5 years ago
  Holt59 bd01aadeb1 Remove one-time method from MaiNWindow. 5 years ago
  Holt59 c4b4455287 Add panel for WCC like SP. 5 years ago
  Holt59 426867a302 Change border color of PathPanel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 0fb5bc2ae7 Improve solution panel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 d73430759e Use icon instead of text for Paths panel buttons. 5 years ago
  Holt59 0102277821 Update default path color in BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 4b36838b26 Clean code. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle ddcc6dc06f Update path panel. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle b77a39e01b Allow modification of color for overlays. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 98aba8dd06 Improve arc memory management. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle be1176c1e3 Clean code. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 3252a6faba Clean code + Fix issue with right-to-left map names. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 6be3493bba Clean code. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 3600752c43 Clean code, remove remaining debug attribute. 5 years ago
  Holt59 7e06e1c4bf Create an ArcFilter factory. 5 years ago
  Holt59 dc3a9b9860 Improve display of PathsPanel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 e522eaa728 Add implementation comment for binary reader. 5 years ago
  Holt59 a1be0fc586 Fix marker size. 5 years ago
  Holt59 8acc13c7f6 Change the way restrictions on arc are managed. 5 years ago
  Holt59 d5de1cf2ff Update acces 5 years ago
  Holt59 c07b55a535 Update RoadType enum. 5 years ago
  Holt59 3ee2984e52 Start modification restrictions. 5 years ago
  Holt59 92af449178 Create new class to have better scaling for markers with MapView. 5 years ago
  Holt59 55dfcbd0fe Improve markers rendering. 5 years ago
  Holt59 2f1fa81a58 Resize path panel correctly when removing a path. 5 years ago
  Holt59 1653558f94 Move BinaryHeap. 5 years ago
  Holt59 85025f6189 Update panel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 a5764948f9 Add path panel separated from solution panel. 5 years ago
  Holt59 f22c1c93fa Make solution panel a bit more generic using reflections. 5 years ago