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  Mikaël Capelle d05bc92689 Update tests for PriorityQueue. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle c5518e7240 Fix BinaryHeap/Search trees and associated tests. 5 years ago
  Holt59 aab8743d3c New updates. 5 years ago
  Holt59 5b733e25c7 Return unmodifiable iterators from Node and Graph. Make Node and Graph final. 5 years ago
  Holt59 bdb378c079 Remove access to underlying containers inside Graph and Node. 5 years ago
  Holt59 797a4e1c8c Fix issue with small maps not being draw properly. 5 years ago
  Holt59 80b4b1c7fc Fix drawing for very small graph and add new projection for fake maps. 5 years ago
  Mikaël Capelle e2d1d47beb Fix Path.size() and add test for Path.size(). 5 years ago
  Holt59 46436f81f3 Update paths and tests. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle b4e666d08d Update 'README.md' 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle b8d73963a6 Clean tests. 5 years ago
  Holt59 7e079df22f Fix issue with new path not being colored correctly in MapView drawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ec9cd9c601 Fix issue with ProgressBar for loading graphs. 5 years ago
  Holt59 25e35b9bc4 Fix icons for Linux. 5 years ago
  Holt59 f2f65b85d4 Fix issue with no drawing not updated due to its size. 5 years ago
  Holt59 d5fcf036b9 Fix issue with backward arc having incorrect segments. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ccd6d7d7af Merge master. 5 years ago
  Holt59 e78ea25ab3 Merge master. 5 years ago
  Holt59 c7d4dc8077 Merge master. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 38efb0ccea Update background color for BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 72f08def1b Fix path name in Launch. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 44ae861fb8 Create a basic Launch class. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 73f1c6bd78 Update Path javadoc. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 2a2cf413ba Update README. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 7d39e3d00a Update README. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 2624681499 Add Path, ShortestPath, etc. without implementation. 5 years ago
  Holt59 251dbbb074 Fix issue with ArcBackward being drawn. 5 years ago
  Holt59 19220dc8a4 Add code to transpose graph. 5 years ago
  Holt59 95b68f3e31 Length -> Float. Fix issue with duplicated backward arcs. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ec7d18b1b2 Update .gitignore. 5 years ago
  Holt59 59d5cd64ad Fix .project. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 9baae3b142 Update 'README.md' 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle f952b870ff Update 'README.md' 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 3d9f0f8e4b Add README. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 3e93445e38 Move resources to class. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 17da90c32c Update javadoc. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle 990b74bf1a Fix issue with drawing not being drawn when opening from central button. 5 years ago
  Mikael Capelle fa7c65a6e6 Add new basic filter. 5 years ago
  Holt59 8200497675 Fix issue with path taking too long to be drawn due to useless syncrhonization. 5 years ago
  Holt59 4af68f9f93 Update folder for INSA. 5 years ago
  Holt59 94cbeef58f Close stream when reading/writing is done. 5 years ago
  Holt59 80df87ba51 Change default filename for paths. 5 years ago
  Holt59 97775a9714 add information regarding number of arcs in graph. 5 years ago
  Holt59 23b46fd4bc Fix inconsistence between path reader and writer. 5 years ago
  Holt59 ca9a00ea97 Update color for BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 f3964f1958 Use a better projection for BasicDrawing. 5 years ago
  Holt59 0030ab7aef Create a FileUtils class to simplify file opening/saving. 5 years ago
  Holt59 8661e63728 Disable checkbox for graphic visualization when drawing is mapview. 5 years ago
  Holt59 a2d03a0857 Throw exception for non-implemented drawGraph methods. 5 years ago
  Holt59 9e8457337e Remove useless method in interfaces. 5 years ago